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Tagless - This describes a method of labeling that has the brand and size information printed directly onto the inside back neck of a garment. As there is no additional material (tag) sewn at the neck, a tagless garment has a cleaner look and offers additional comfort to the garment. Our ATC Double Mesh Wicking Crew Neck Tee, style #S451, is one of many styles to be found with a tagless label.

Taped Seams - This is a strip of fabric or finishing tape that is sewn over a seam for added durability and comfort. In outerwear, taped seams aid in waterproofing. In headwear, taped seams reinforce the hat structure. Feel the comfort derived from taped seams with the New Era® Flat Bill Adjustable Cap, style #NE400.

Textured - A fabric that is not flat or smooth, textured fabric can be any type of pattern, weave, jacquard knit, etc., which is part of the fabric construction and offers a lifted feel or touch to the fabric surface. Feel the unique texture of our CH Textured Hooded Soft Shell Jacket, style #J766 and L766.

Toggles - Attachments found on drawstrings used to adjust and secure the fit of a hood, jacket bottom, waist, etc. The CH Textured Hooded Soft Shell Jacket, style #J766 and L766, uses toggles to adjust the fit on the hood as well as the bottom of the jacket.

Tonal Stitching - This is stitching that matches the colour of the fabric or garment on which it has been stitched. Tonal stitching is perfect when topstitching areas where the garment needs extra strength and durability without altering the original appearance. Check out the look of tonal stitching on our CH Short Sleeve Easy Care Shirt, style #D510 and L510.

Topstitching - This stitching can be tonal or contrasting in colour and may be used as decorative. Topstitching also reinforces areas of a garment that may receive additional stress or wear. Topstitching can be found on each piece of the entire ATC PTech Collection (F221, F222, F223, L221 & L223).

Tricot - A warp knitted fabric made from very fine yarn. The tricot weave has a stable construction which offers excellent wear and is commonly used in better quality tailored garments. Check out the long-wearing style of the CH Snag Resistant Tricot Sport Shirt, style #S445 and L445.

Twill - A basic weave characterized by diagonal ribs producing a strong, durable, firm fabric. Commonly used for casual woven shirts, khakis and denims, a twill weave may also be used in the construction of caps as found on the ATC Mid Profile Twill Cap, style #C130.