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Seamless - This refers to a garment made in a tubular knit fabric which is knit on a specialized tubular knitting machine. There are no side seams on the body portion of the garment for ease of wear, consistent sizing and larger flat areas for embellishment. A wide variety of seamless garments are available including the Gildan® Ultra Cotton T-Shirt, style #2000.

Self-Fabric Collar - This is a collar that is constructed from the same fabric as the body of the garment and can be found on the CH Ladies Textured Sport Shirt with Piping, style #L470.

Self-Fabric Sweatband - This refers to a panel of fabric on the inside front of a cap or visor that is constructed from the same fabric as the top of the cap/visor. The sweatband is useful to absorb sweat and add comfort to the fit. A self-fabric sweatband can be found on the ATC Twill Visor, style #C131.

Set-on Rib Knit Collar - This refers to the method of attaching rib knit to the collar of a garment. The rib knit is folded and sewn on the top of the garment. This process requires straight, even stitching on both sides since the thread is visible and adds to the �look� of the garment. This type of stitching strengthens the neck opening and adds durability. A set-on rib knit collar can be found on the ATC Baseball Tee, style #S822 and Y822.

Sheer - Sheer fabric is a very light-weight fabric with multiple uses and could be made from a variety of yarns. Sheer fabrics are great for warm weather as they feature high breathability to help keep you cool. They are also a terrific choice for layering since there is little or no added bulk. Our Bella® Sheer Rib Cap Sleeve Deep V-Neck Tee, style #8705, is constructed with a sheer rib knit fabric.

Sheer Mini Rib - This is a textured knit fabric that employs the rib stitch and has the appearance of vertical lines. This sheer mini rib uses finer yarns and smaller stitches but still possesses highly elastic qualities and retains its shape. The sheerness allows for less bulky layering as well as cool comfort as found with the Bella® Ladies' Sheer Mini Rib Longer Length Tee, style #8701.

Side Seams - These are the seams located along the sides of a garment to join the front and back. Garments without side seams are made from a tubular/seamless knit fabric.

Side Vents - These are slits found at the bottom of side seams on a shirt that offer comfort and ease of movement. Side vents can be found on the CH Snag Resistant Tricot Sport Shirt, style #S445 and L445.

Silicon Treated - A fabric may be treated with a silicon finish to add additional softness to the garment much like using a fabric softener but with much longer-lasting results. Feel the softness of our CH Classic Pique Sport Shirt, style #S400 and L400, which has been garment washed as well as silicon treated.

Singles - A single twist of cotton yarn used in soft jersey fabric construction. This can be a super soft knit used often in snug fit ladies' tees and can be found on the Bella® Ladies' V-Neck Tee, style #1005.

Snag Resistant - A fabric constructed to resist snagging, ripping, threading, etc., when rubbed against a rough surface. Snag resistant fabric is extremely durable for repeated wear and can be found on the CH Snag Resistant Tricot Sport Shirt, style #S445 and L445.

Spacer Mesh - This is a 57% cotton/43% polyester lining found on our New Era® mesh caps. This spacer mesh can be located between the wearer's head and the actual mesh of the cap for soft comfort as well as allowing cooling ventilation on even the warmest days. Check out the New Era® Stretch Mesh Cap, style #NE102, for a great example of how spacer mesh is used.

Stonewashed - A process in which the fabric or garment is heavily washed with lava rocks or rubber/silicon balls, resulting in a softer fabric with a distressed weathered look and reduced shrinkage. Check out the ATC Contrast Stitch Cap, style #C121, for that stonewashed look.

Storm flap - This is a piece of fabric that covers and protects an opening, usually a zipper, on an item of clothing. It is designed to add another barrier to the more vulnerable parts of a garment to protect against wind and moisture. Our CH Insulated Soft Shell Jacket, style #J763 and Y763, is constructed with this additional protection to help keep you warm and dry.

Structured - A headwear term referring to a cap with a stiff cotton or linen lining (also called buckram). This lining is used to control and shape the slope of the cap. Most high profile and mid profile caps are structured with this lining and most low profile caps are unstructured. Check out the ATC Contrast Diamond Inset Twill Cap, style #C122, for a peek at a mid profile structured cap.