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Neoprene - A generic name for a type of synthetic waterproof rubber made from the monomer chloroprene. Neoprene is used as a lining in OGIO® golf bags to protect the golfer's equipment from rain and/or damp conditions. Check out the OGIO® Grom II Stand Bag, style #125023.

No Curl Collar - Usually a collar constructed from a knit fabric which is made on a flat knitting machine. This is the fabric typically used for flat knit collars to maintain a non-roll/non-curl finish and appearance on the garment. The CH Double Mesh Wicking Sport Shirt, style #S450, shows the no curl collar in a variety of terrific colours.

Open Hem Sleeves - On this type of sleeve there would be no cuff, elastic or rib knitting of any sort at the hem. Check out the comfort of an open hem sleeve with the OGIO® Rivet, style #OG104.

Oxford - A cotton or manufactured fiber fabric made with a modified plain or basket weave. In most oxfords, a coarse count, soft spun filling is used with twice as many warp ends to achieve a basket weave effect. It is the one remaining of four commercial shirting fabrics originally made by a Scottish mill during the late 19th century. The shirtings bore the names of four universities: Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale.