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Easy Care Fabric - Fabric that can be restored to its original appearance after laundering with only a minimum of attention. Easy care fabric is virtually wrinkle-free when laundered. Check out CH style #L615 for a peek at the Ladies' Open Neck ¾ Sleeve Easy Care Shirt.

Edge Stitching - A row of machine stitching placed at the seam or garment edge. Edge stitching reinforces the strength and durability of a seam and can prevent the possibility of raveled or frayed edges. The CH Ladies' Short Sleeve Easy Care Shirt, style #L510, uses edge stitching on the collar, neck and hem.

Elasticized Band - Used in some caps, an elasticized band is concealed in the back allowing the cap to look fitted when it's actually elasticized to fit many as on the New Era® Stretch Mesh Cap, style #NE102.

Embroidery - An embellishment of a fabric or garment in which coloured threads are sewn on to the fabric to create a design, company logo, special message, etc. Embroidery may be done either by hand or machine. Almost the entire SanMar Canada collection has been created to support these embroidery techniques!

Enzyme Washed - This is a laundering process in which a catalytic substance is added to create a chemical change in the fabric resulting in a very soft finish and a smoother appearing surface with reduced shrinkage. See the difference enzyme washing can make on the ATC Enzyme Washed Sandwich Bill Cap, style #C120.

Euro Style - This usually refers to a men's garment with a more fitted European style cut in the shoulders and body along with a shorter sleeve length like the fit on the Gildan® Soft Style Ring Spun T-Shirt, style #6400.

Eyelets - The small holes or perforations that can be made in a series to allow for breathability. They are finished with either stitching or metal grommets. All of our baseball-type caps use eyelets for the much-needed ventilation while playing ball, exercising, etc. Eyelets may also be used as a stabilizing function for drawcords on many of our hooded fleece styles. Just check out this added feature on the ATC PTech Fleece Jacket, style #F221 and L221.

Flat Knit - A knit fabric made on a flat knitting machine. This fabric is typically used for flat knit collars and cuffs to maintain a non-roll finish on the garment. The collar on the CH Snag Resistant Tricot Sport Shirt, style #S445, is a great example of a flat knit.

Full Cut - Refers to a garment's fit as being more generous in length and chest than a contoured or average cut garment. Our ATC Pro Team Tee, style #S350, has a full cut for active endeavors.

Garment Washed - The laundering of garments, as part of the manufacturing process, to alter the hand feel and appearance or to enhance the degree of softening or change in appearance. The result is a fabric with a thicker appearance, reduced shrinkage and a softer hand feel. Feel the difference with our CH Classic Pique Sport Shirt, style #S400 and L400.

Heather - A yarn that is spun using pre-dyed fibers. These fibers are blended together to give a particular look. For example, black and white may be blended together to create a grey heathered yarn. The term, heather, may also be used to describe the fabric made from heathered yarns. Heather fabric can be seen on the ATC Short Sleeve Contrast Stitch Tee, style #S820, in the Sport Grey/Navy option.

Horn-Tone Buttons - Buttons that appear to be manufactured from horn enhance a garment due to their additional cost and classy good looks. Compare the engraved horn-tone buttons on the front placket of the CH Classic Pique Sport Shirt, style #S400. You'll see the difference!