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Cadet Collar - This is a stand up collar on a jacket which can also be referred to as track jacket styling. The zipper extends to the end of the collar allowing the collar to convert from a fold down to a stand up style depending on the neck protection preferred. The name originated from the traditional military school uniform jacket with the stand up collar. To see a cadet collar, check out the ATC AllPro Cotton Fleece Track Jacket, style #F210 and L210.

Cap Sleeve - A cap sleeve is a very short sleeve on a t-shirt or blouse that just covers, or caps, the shoulder. Cap sleeves are a little shorter than a standard sleeve, about 1 1/2"/3.8cm to 4"/10.2 cm, for a fun and flirty style. The Bella® Ladies Sheer Jersey Longer Length Tee, style #8705, shows a great example of this feminine styling.

Coil Zipper - This zipper features zipper teeth in a spiral form. Coil zippers add a minimum amount of weight and thickness to a garment and are highly functional when used in performance apparel or as hidden zippers. All of the zippered jackets in our ATC PTech Fleece Collection are constructed with coil zippers including style #F220.

Combed Cotton - "Combed" is a finish process used on cotton yarn to remove short fibers and straighten or arrange longer fibers in parallel order which results in a smoother yarn used in finer garments. The combing process polishes the yarn before the fabric weaving process, offering high quality yarns with excellent strength, fineness and uniformity. The entire ATC collection of Ladies' Active Cotton Tees (LT100, LT101, LT102 and LT103) features 100% combed cotton.

ComfortSoft® Cotton - A registered name of the Hanes® Company defined by Hanes® as: loosely bound cotton fibers with an extra step to make a softer fabric. This fabric can be found in Hanes® t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc. Check out Hanes® Tagless Youth T-Shirt, style #5450, for an example of ComfortSoft® Cotton.

Compression Straps - Used to compress or cinch-up the contents in luggage, a backpack, duffel bag, etc., compression straps help to stabilize the articles inside. Compression straps can also be located on the outside in order to attach extra items. Hint: when packing a backpack, pack by weight not size and place the heaviest items closest to your back. Check out the OGIO® Fugitive Backpack, style #711113, for an example of compression straps.

Cotton - A natural fiber of great economic importance as a raw material for cloth. Its widespread use is largely due to the ease with which its fibers are spun into yarns. Cotton's strength, absorbency and capacity to be washed and dyed also make it adaptable to a considerable variety of textile products. Cotton, in general, is very breathable and can withstand high temperatures. The ATC AllPro Cotton Fleece Collection (F210, L210, L211 and L212) is constructed with 100% peached, garment-washed cotton for unparalleled breathable comfort.

Coverseam - A finish in which two needles are used to create parallel rows of visible stitching. Also known as double needle stitching; this can be found around the neck, armhole, waistband or wrist of a garment to create a cleaner, more durable finish. Check out the ATC AllPro Cotton Fleece Collection (F210, L210, L211 and L212) for some excellent examples of coverseam stitching.

Deboss - The act of indenting a figure, design or logo into a surface such as a metal button. The figure or design sits below the product surface. This is the opposite of emboss where the figure or design sits above the product surface such as on a coin. Look at the metal snaps on the OGIO® O-Boy Polo, style #OG107!

Distressed Cotton - Distressing cotton fabric is a process that can be performed in a variety of ways with the goal being to make the fabric look used, worn or aged. A couple of procedures used to achieve this look would be to rub sandpaper or another rough surface over the fabric or wash the fabric with detergent and bleach. The ATC Distressed Military Cap, style #C180, is an example of distressed cotton.

Dobby Weave - A general term for weaves made with a specialized "dobby" attachment. Usually small, geometric figures of a complex construction are woven as a regular pattern into the fabric as a decorative weave. Often found in luggage/backpacks, dobby fabrics are more expensive to produce than most other weave types. The OGIO® Corporate City Messenger, style #711207, is constructed with a dobby weave fabric for its enhanced strength and durability.

Double Knit - A knit fabric in which two layers of loops are formed that cannot be separated. Compared to bonded fabric, this fabric is knitted together instead of using an adhesive. Double knit fabric offers added durability and enhances the fabric performance. To check out double knit fabric, look at the cuffs on the ATC PTech Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt, style #F220.

Double Lined Hood - This is when additional fabric has been added inside the hood as a lining. This lining may be in a matching or contrasting colour and would give the garment additional warmth, a stylish look as well as enhanced performance. The ATC Pro Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt, style #F200, has a contrast double lined hood available in a variety of colours.

Double Mesh - This is a double knit fabric with a mesh construction on the outside/front of the fabric and a solid construction on the inside/back of the fabric. This allows for a stylish textured appearance while still ensuring total coverage. The OGIO® Ladies' Glam Polo, style #LOG105, is a great example of a double mesh garment.

Double-Needle Stitching - A finish that can be used on numerous locations of a garment; the sleeve, bottom hem, cuff, etc., which uses two needles to create parallel rows of visible stitching giving the garment a cleaner, more finished look as well as adding durability and stability. Also known as coverseam, you can find double-needle stitching on the shoulder, cuff and bottom of the ATC AllPro Cotton Fleece Track Jacket, style #F210 and L210.

Double Yoke - This is when a lining is added to the back/front yoke of a garment for added comfort, stability and durability as in the Coal Harbour® Easy Care Camp Shirt, style #D515.

DryBlend - This is the name given to Gildan's 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester fabric. The DryBlend fabric offers moisture wicking for added performance and is found in many of our Gildan® garments such as the Gildan® DryBlend 50/50 Jersey Sport Shirt, style #8800.